Scott's Journey

Scott is a comedy stage hypnotist that combines the power of hypnotic techniques with his sense of humour and hysterical routines to create a unique and enjoyable show for all ages.

Scott has always had a fascination in the mind which drove him to study the psychological sciences at University and then pursuing hypnotism as a profession. He was mesmerised by the ability of hypnosis to practically and reliably demonstrate the power of the mind.

Scott started as a hypnotherapist in 2015 and has focussed on one-on-one hypnotherapy for conditions such as anxiety, phobias and chronic pain. Scott’s work is informed by modern hypnotic, psychotherapy & NLP techniques as well as contemporary neuroscience, cognitive science and psychoneuroimmunology. He attends training regularly and has trained with a variety of different hypnosis trainers to develop his skills as a hypnotherapist. In 2017, Scott started his career as a stage performer and has been using laughter as the best medicine ever seen.

Different Venues

Scott is able to perform at a number of different venues such as private or corporate venues, bars, comedy clubs and festivals.

Private Shows

Bars & Comedy Clubs


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